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Here's what you need to know

Over the next few pages listed are a few of the most common faults and the solutions.



Problem       RGB colours set to print 


Solution       Convert colour to CMYK or PMS equivalent 



Problem        RGB Images 


Solution        Convert colour mode to CMYK or PMS or Duo Tone (on PMS jobs only) 



Problem         Image show through under black or coloured panel 


Solution         Black or coloured panel will be set to overprint. Change to knockout. 

                         Use a heavy black or super black instead of just black. 



Problem         White text has not printed 


Solution         White text is set to overprint. Change to knockout. 



Problem         Some text has disappeared 


Solution         Check artwork for text overflow. Check H&Js (hyphenation & justification) have not changed.


                         Double check font's usage is correct. 


                         Check to see if image run around has been activated. 


                         Check to see if text links are still active. 


                         Check fonts are embedded Correctly into PDF. 



Problem        Cards have incorrect backs 


Solution        Check PDFs have been named correctly. 


                        Check the correct PDFs have been sent. 


                        Check artwork was in correct orientation. 


                        Check if correct template was used. 



Problem         Images are pixelated 


Solution         Check resolution of original image 


                         Check 100% size file was output. 


                         Check PDF resolution settings 



Problem          Images are blurred 


Solution          Check resolution of original image 


                          Check 100% size you output. 

                          Check quality of original image. 



Problem          Images are dark 


Solution          Check if original image was in RGB format 


                         Check to see if image was set to overprint or multiply 


                         Check quality of original image. 


                         Check to see if a colour profile has been used. 



Problem         Pantone colour converted to CMYK doesn't match previous sample 


Solution         Pantone may have revised the colour split, always use CMYK colours chosen from the colour   finder. 



Problem         Part of an image fails to print 


Solution         Is the image a duo tone image? If it's on a CMYK run it will fail to separate correctly. 



Problem          Logo prints tint of grey instead of PMS blue (on two colour job) 


Solution          This is a common problem where artists fail to recognise that the logo they are  using is process rather than PMS separated.

                          Only the black separation will print. 



Problem           Part of a text looks trapped while other part is not. 


Solution           If you have text overlapping an image bounding box and it is on the same layer as the image in InDesign, what can happen when                                   you create the PDF is that half the text is converted to a bitmapped image while the other half remains a vector path. When the file                               is ripped the automatic trapping program will treat the two halves of the text in different ways. To get around this, simply place all                               text on a layer above the background images. 



Problem          Black text is blurred or smudged on print. 


Solution          Check that the artwork was not set up in registration rather than just black. 



Problem          Part of watermark image has disappeared 


Solution          Please make sure that the artwork does not contain tints lower than 3%. 


                          Tints under 3% can be lost during the plating process. 



Problem          Printed job has border that is unequal 


Solution          Never ask for an equal border on a job unless the border is 4mm or bigger. 


                          Trimming a business card with a 1mm equal border is almost an impossible task. 



Problem          White lines are running through my images on printed job 


Solution          When images are supplied RGB rather than CMYK, the RGB crop guides we use as positionals on our proofs can knock out of the                                  RGB image. All colour images must be supplied in CMYK format. 



Problem          The characters of a font are different from PC to Macintosh 


Solution           If a font has been converted from PC to Mac or Mac to PC in a program such as Fontographer, the keyboard character map has to                                be set up correctly. In some cases you may get a font where this has not been done and certain characters will disappear or appear                            as a different character. Solution: use licensed font set.



Problem         Spot colour in process job comes out completely different colour. 


Solution         Check that the name of the colour is logical and not something generic like 'Colour Swatch 1'. What can happen is that PDF files can                             be supplied from different sources but they have the same name used on different colours. When we combine these jobs on a                                       ganged up sheet, the program can only use one set of values for that colour name. Solution: Simply make sure all colours are                                       converted to process before uploading to the CPD.



Problem        A cutter guide or image fails to print 


Solution        Check to see if suppress printing has been activated on that image. In InDesign view the image attributes. In Quark open the Picture                            Usage dialogue and check to see if the print option is ticked or not ticked.



Problem         Printed job does not match colour the provided proof 


Solution         Each output device will have its own specific colour set up or profile. Colour will vary and that the only way to get a true match is to                            adjust the artwork to match our printing presses. Free colour test swatches are available when colour matching is crucial. 



Problem          Printed job does not match colour of previous printed job 


Solution          When printing a job in 300lpi HD printing the colours will be different to most printers who use standard 175lpi screening. Check the                            screening under an eye glass or linen tester to see if the sample you have is printed in Worldwide High Definition or has it been                                    printed elsewhere. If you've selected a colour that has two values that are very similar eg: Blue made up of 70% Cyan and 60%                                      Magenta. With only a small amount of variation the colour can change from a blue, blue to a red blue. When possible select colours                              where one colour has much more dominance. Eg: 90% Cyan and 40% Magenta. Check values in the old and new PDF files. In most                                cases the artwork will be different. Make sure the colours are not RGB. 



Problem          Mono images are very dark compared to the original colour images 


Solution          When you have a colour image CMYK or RGB and the final job is only black the images have to be converted to a greyscale image.                                There are several ways to do this. If you simply create a greyscale PDF or convert a colour PDF into greyscale, this conversion is                                  usually pretty flat and dark in the midtones and almost black in the shadow areas depending on what conversion profile you use.                                The most accurate and attractive way is to open each image in Photoshop and adjust the brightness and contrast of a colour image                            before you convert the image to greyscale. Once converted you can tweak the file so that you end up with a image that has white                                  highlights and clear midtones. You should still be able to see detail in the shadow areas of the image. 


Problem          Black bitmap (black & white only) images appear pixelated or blocky 


Solution          When you save an bitmap image it should be saved with a minimum resolution of 1200dpi. This is a lot higher than the standard                                  300dpi that is recommended for CMYK or Greyscale images.



Problem          Colour Vignette (blend) prints out banded 


Solution          Check to see if the PDF was saved as an RGB colour file. The vignette will appear banded as the conversion from RGB to CMYK can                              be unpredictable. Check the resolution of the blend if it has been created as a bitmap vignette. Lastly make sure the PDF has been                              exported directly from InDesign rather than distilling a EPS, PS or PRN file. 



Problem          Metallic Foiling has white border 


Solution          Unlike PMS jobs, metallic foiling should be set up so that the metal foil overprints the background beneath. If you leave the foil as                                knock out and there is a little bit of movement on the foil blocking machine you will end up with a white edge around one side of the                            image. 



Problem         Scan has slight background colour 


Solution          When you scan an image and it has a white background you must check that the background is actually white. Many monitors will                                not display very light tints that will actually show up in the printed material. The best way to do this is run an eye dropper over the                              background image in Photoshop or Acrobat. Quite often you'll find patches of 1 and 2% colour that are not noticeable on screen.                                  Simply lasso these areas and fill with white or delete the background completely.

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