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How do you make your colour output device and your colour monitor match? 

This is not an easy task as we do not want to start embedding colour profiles inside of images and PDFs. This raises all sorts of issues and RIP problems. Probably the easiest way is to simply take some samples that have been printed by us and pull up the original artwork files: 

A: Adjust your monitor comparing the artwork against the printed image. If you have Adobe Gamma on your machine use that to adjust the colour and white balance. If the program has a CMYK preview option make sure this is on. The quality of the image matching will vary from monitor to monitor the better the monitor, the better the match will be. Remember your RGB monitor is only simulating CMYK so you will never match the print exactly. 


B: Matching a hard copy print. The quality will differ amongst printers. Some have hi-spec state of the art Rips and calibration software. Others will have a limited range of calibration options. We usually try out a few print options and compare the printing. Once a close match is achieved the colour set up should be saved and repeat the process at different times of the day. Unfortunately, experience tells us that the print quality of toner based machines can change throughout the day as the temperature rises.

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